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To find out more about Niger, here are some recommended places to start.

Internet sites

  • Africa speaks
    A collection of stories by Nigerien students about growing up in Niger. Includes topics such as customs, rituals, family life, rural life, and school.
  • Focus on Niger
    Links to a wide range of information on Niger, including current events, ethnic groups, and human rights issues.
  • Kids' Almanac: Niger
    Choose "countries of the world", then select "Niger" in the search window for Information Please Almanac's children's page on Niger.
  • Lonely Planet: Niger
    Information on Niger for those wishing to visit.
  • UNICEF: At a glance – Niger
    Provides information and statistics related to development.

Non-fiction for young people

  • Heinrichs, Ann. (2001) Niger: Enchantment of the World.
    Describes the geography, plants and animals, history, politics, economy, languages, religions, culture and people of Niger.
    ISBN 0-516-21633-3
  • Seffal, Rabah. (2000) Niger: Cultures of the World.
    Describes the history, geography, government, economy, people, lifestyle, religion, language, arts, leisure time activities, festivals and food of Niger.
    ISBN 0-7614-0995-5