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Water changes lives

Two years on, community members agree, the impact of enough, safe water has been life changing.

Water committee member, Mallam Issa, remembers the day the borehole well was drilled. "It was very exciting because the whole village was there. Everyone shouted and danced. The children were very happy and wet that day," he said.

Mallam's wife Halima said, "Yes we have enough water now. Anytime we feel like it, we can get it." She has also noticed the improved health of children.

"Ask any mother in the village, she will tell you that before the borehole well the children often needed treatment for diarrhoea, skin infections and trachoma. Now these things are no longer such a problem," she said.

Village chief, Nouhou Maigochi, has observed time and energy once spent on getting water, is now used to do other activities. "The borehole well is a sign of development in the village. It has brought many changes," he said.

He urges his people to appreciate their good fortune. In their country less than half of the people have access to safe water.Water changes lives

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Salamou Amadou
Salamou Amadou
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